These things are things that I like. Nobody says that you have to like them.
The Onion Madison, Wisconsin, and Boulder, Colorado – two of my favorite towns – are the joint homes of this weekly probe into the news of the day. I read it, and so should you.
The Exploratorium Take a sackful of bay area artists, add a smattering of science weenies, and let them play. The San Francisco Exploratorium awaits.
Jeff Wilkerson Jeff Wilkerson's column in the CfPA newsletter is a must-read if you enjoy astronomy and fishing.
Jesse Jackson For some reason I haven't quite figured out, I absolutely love this picture from The New York Times. The caption reads
`The Rev. Jesse Jackson shaking hands with Gov. Pete Wilson yesterday after addressing the California Regents, which was debating a plan to change its policies on affirmative action.'

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