Vegetarian/Tomato Corn Pie

A: 2C flour
1T baking powder
1t salt
B: 6T butter
C: 3/4C milk
D: 1/3C mayonnaise
2T lemon juice
E: 2 tomatoes, sliced thin
F: 1C corn, processed to coarse
2T basil
1T onion, minced
black pepper
G: 8oz sharp cheddar, grated
1. Mix (A) in bowl and cut in (B) until coarse and add (C). Mix to make a dough, divide in half and prepare lower pie crust in pan with one half.
2. Whisk (D) together and reserve.
3. Place half of (E) into pie pan, top with (F). Cover with half of (F) mixed together, then repeat tomatoe and cor layer again.
4. Top with (G) followed by lemon sauce (D). Cover with pie crust top and flute edge, finally brush edge with melted butter.
5. Bake 375F 40 minutes.

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