My Chevrolet Citation


The first car I owned was a 1980 Chevrolet Citation, with a V6 engine.

Chapter 0: Cheap

My father sold me this vehicle for $1. Although it was great, it was not as great as the greatest vehicle I will ever have owned. But it had some major pros:

and it had some cons:

Chapter 1: Burned

It wasn't a great night to begin with. My wife and I had argued, one of those arguments you have in the first few years of marriage when you are both realizing how unimportant you are to each other. The summer heat in Iowa was tiresome, and it was beginning to feel like our life together was going to have too many bridge tournaments in it. I was alone in the car, angry with myself and not paying attention, and so I missed a turn. I turned into a random driveway to turn around. The car then burst into flames because the engine sag had caused the driveshaft to eat through an unfused high amperage line I had installed to a dash-mounted ammeter. I jumped out, and put out the fire as best I could. Looking around I noticed that the driveway was to a junkyard. So I left the car there and called the next morning. I asked if they would pay me anything for the car and they just laughed.

On then, to greatness.