Beer/House Bitter

A: 7# pale 2-row malted barley, crushed
1# wheat, crushed
1/2# crystal malt 64L, crushed
2oz roasted barley, crushed
10qt water heated to 140F
B: 4gal water heated to 170F
C: 1oz Northern Brewer hops
D: 0.5oz Northern Brewer hops
E: 1.5oz Styrian Goldings hops
F: Wyeast #1098 (British Ale)
1. Combine (A) in mash tun. Dough-in at 130F and hold 15min for protein rest.
2. Adjust pH to 5.2-5.5, raise to 158F and hold 60-120min.
3. Mash out at 168F. Sparge with (B), collect 6-7gal into brew-pot.
4. Add (C) and boil 60 minutes, (D) and boil 30 minutes, add (E) during last 1 minute.
6. Cool with chiller into fermentation vessel (target OG 1.050), pitch (F) and relax.
7. Bottle when SG is 1.018.

Servings: 40

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