Bread/Daily Bread

A: 2 1/3C water
2t salt
4T canola oil
4T honey
B: 3C whole wheat flour
2C white flour
2T wheat gluten
1/4C flaxseed meal
1/2C oatmeal
C: 2 1/2t yeast
1. Add (A) to bread machine, then (B), make a divot in the top of the ingredients, and add (C).
2. Process to dough in bread machine. Remove dough from machine, divide into 2 loaves and place in bread pans which have been sprinkled with cornmeal. Let rise 20 minutes in a warm place.
3. Slash tops of loaves with a sharp knife. Place loaves into oven which has been preheated to 425F. Turn temperature down to 345F, bake for 24 minutes or until tops of loaves are brown.

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