Sauce/Pumpkinseed Mole

A: 1C pumpkin seeds, shelled
B: 1 1/2C chicken stock
1/2 onion, sliced
4c garlic, chopped
1/4C cilantro, chopped
3 lettuce leaves (prefer romaine), chopped
2 radish leaves, chopped
green chile, serranos or jalapenos, chopped
C: 1T oil
D: 2C chicken stock
1. Place (A) in iron skillet over medium heat. Toast, stirring regularly, until all have popped and become golden. Cool and reserve 2T for garnish.
2. Combine (A) and (B) and blend to a smooth puree.
3. Heat (C) in saucepan, add the puree and stir constantly until thick, ~10min.
4. Stir in (D), cover and simmer 20min.
5. Blend to a smooth puree. Add water as needed, return to saucepan, salt to taste.
6. Simmer 10 more minutes.

Servings: 8

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