Soup/Green Curry Squash

A: 2T coconut oil
B: 1/2C shallots and onions, diced
3" ginger root, finely chopped
4 jalapeno peppers, finely chopped
4c garlic, thinly sliced
1t cumin, ground
1T curry powder
1t dried orange peel
1/2t salt
C: 1 butternut squash, cubed 20mm
13.5oz coconut milk
2C vegetable stock
1T lime juice
D: 1/2C peanuts
1/2C coconut flakes
1-2 peppers, sliced into rings (hot and sweet)
1t salt
1. Melt (A) in large pot, add (B) when oil is hot. Reduce heat and saute until shallots/onions are just beginning to brown.
2. Add (C) and bring to boil over high heat, reduce and simmer until squash is very tender, about 30 minutes.
3. Place (D) on baking sheet and roast at 300F for about 15min until coconut is just beginning to brown.
4. Puree soup with immersion blender, add salt and/or curry powder to adjust taste.
5. Serve soup with roasted toppings.

Servings: 6

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