Vegetarian/Black Bean Eggplant Stirfry

A: 1 eggplant, American, or 2 thai eggplants
1/3C canola oil
B: 4c garlic, minced
2" crystallized ginger
1 onion
1T vegetable stock
C: 1/4C vegetable stock
1 1/2C cooked black beans, rinsed and chopped coarse
D: 1T soy sauce
4 spring onions
1. Slice (A), brush with oil, saute slowly until golden, and reserve.
2. Heat pan to hot and saute (B) 3 minutes.
3. Add (C), bring to boil, and cook 2 minutes.
4. Return eggplant to pan, simmer 2 minutes.
5. Top with (D) and serve.

Servings: 4

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