A: 1T olive oil
1 onion
1c garlic, minced
B: 1C pinto beans, refried
1/2C salsa
1t oregano
C: 3/4C milk
D: 1/4C milk
2T flour
E: 1 1/2C jack cheese
F: 12 corn tortillas
G: 3 green onions
2t crushed red pepper or paprika
1. Oil casserole pan (9x13 inch or equivalent).
2. Saute (A), add (B) and mix well.
3. Heat (C) in saucepan, whisk in (D) and add (E), stirring over heat until thickened.
4. Slice (F) into triangles, lay half in casserole, cover with bean mixture, add remaining tortillas, cover with cheese sauce, then top with (G).
5. Bake 400F 20min or until brown on top.

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