Vegetarian/Taukwa Goreng

A: 16oz firm tofu, cubed into 1" (large) pieces
2T olive oil
B: 300g bean sprouts
1 cucumber, peeled, cored, cut into half-moons
C: 5-10 red chiles
2c garlic, minced
85g roasted peanuts, or cashews
D: 2T sugar
2T tamarind juice, can substitute limeaid
2t miso
1t rice vinegar
1. Fry (A) until browned. Place on serving plate.
2. Scald (B) in salted boiling water. Arrange over (A).
3. Grind (C), mix with (D), pour over (B).
4. Serve with garlic chile sauce and peanut sauce.

Servings: 4

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